Lola Lik was a creative hub situated in the former main building of the Bijlmerbajes prison and neighbour to the refugee centre Wenckebachweg. Lola Lik worked closely together with COA, the organisation responsible for the reception and supervision of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands. They ran educational and entertainment programmes and searched for new creative ways to welcome and support ‘New Amsterdammers’ living in the centre.

This ten-minute video showcases the versatile and unique character of Lola Lik as a communal, creative and entrepreneurial hub within the city of Amsterdam. We talked with entrepreneurs, newcomers, creatives and initiators to cover their views on the project before its closing at the end of 2017.

Client: Lola Lik
Production: Beeldwerk 56/58 , Arjan Rietveld
Camera & Edit : Ward Brandsma
Camera: Sony FS7 + Samyang Primes , Ronin M